KW Neighbourhood Guide

KW Neighbourhood Guide

Stanley Park

When you think Stanley Park, think tree-lined, established and quiet. And, most of all, parks. Stanley Park is dominated by Idlewood Park, which occupies the southeastern section of the neighbourhood…

Alpine Village

Alpine Village, located in the heart of south Kitchener, offers multiple amenities. Bordered by Ottawa street on the north and Block Line Road in the south, with Strasburg Road making up its western boundary…

Forest Heights

Forest Heights is a sprawling neighbourhood that makes up the southwest section of Kitchener. Bordered by Highland Road West in the north, the Conestoga Parkway in the south and Ira Needles Boulevard…

Country Hills

Country Hills has much to offer, for both parents and their children. This family-friendly atmosphere has many crescents, parks linking homes together and a bevy of facilities for sports enthusiasts. The neighbourhood…

Huron Park & Brigadoon

The southern edge of Kitchener is a mix of city, nature and agricultural areas. Nestled within this mix are the communities of Brigadoon and Huron Park. Brigadoon is a modern area filled with upper middle income suburban…


Nestled between the Expressway and the Grand River is the neighbourhood of Chicopee. The neighbourhood is both small and spacious, with its curving streets and crescents hosting modest suburban housing…

Pioneer Tower

Step into Pioneer Tower and you will be amazed at how many different characteristics one neighbourhood can have. The first thing to be noticed is the stunning upper-middle class suburban homes. The backyards of many…

Downtown Kitchener

Made up of a number of sub-neighbourhoods, downtown Kitchener broadly stretches east and west from the central King Street corridor. The homes in downtown Kitchener are among the oldest…


As one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Waterloo Region, the neighbourhood of Bridgeport is stepped in both history and natural beauty. Originally the Village of Bridgeport developed around a grist mill on Laurel Creek built…

Uptown Waterloo

Uptown Waterloo provides a unique mixture of classic and modern architecture. A leisurely stroll through the core shows an increasing commitment to developing a pedestrian friendly community. Waterloo park is…

University District

Waterloo is home to both Wilfred Laurier and Waterloo university. Both of these schools are thriving and play an integral role in shaping the cultural energy of the region. The University of Waterloo…

Forest Hill

Forest Hill Neighbourhood Guide

Forest Hill, is a mature, mid-century neighbourhood located in central Kitchener. Most of the area is covered in mid-sized suburban bungalows and side-splits often populated by a mix of families and older residents…

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