SOLD: 32 Mowat Boulevard Unit #8

SOLD: 32 Mowat Boulevard Unit #8

32 Mowat Blvd, Kitchener, ON N2E 1H9, Canada

For Sale


  • 1 Front Exterior
  • 5 Entrance
  • 10 Entrance
  • 30 Dining room
  • 32 Dining room
  • 35 Family Room
  • 67 Upper Bathroom
  • 66 Upper Bathroom
  • 56 Master Bedroom
  • 55 Master Bedroom
  • 53 Upstairs
  • 51 Stairway
  • 70 Bedroom two
  • 72 Bedroom three
  • 85 Rec Room
  • 49 Laundry Room
  • 100 Back Exterior
  • 101 Back yard
  • Floor Plan - 8-32 Mowat
  • 113 Park across the street
  • 103 Back yard
  • 102 Back yard
  • 36 Family Room
  • 37 Family Room
  • 40 Kitchen
  • 41 Kitchen
  • 42 Kitchen
  • 50 Powder room

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Affordable three bedroom townhouse offers a sizeable main floor bath with ensuite privilege. Newer windows, five-year-old roof. Newer Kitchen cabinetry. Open concept living room/dining room. Quiet and private patio features a deck and mature landscaping. Good neighbours, easy access to everything.

Additional Details

  • Property Type: Residential
  • Building Style: Townhouse/Condo
  • Basement: Full/Finished
  • Driveway: Private/Open Surface/Asphalt

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