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Fraser Institute Ranks Ontario Elementary Schools

Fraser Institute Ranks Ontario Elementary Schools

The Fraser Institute has released their annual report card for elementary schools in Ontario. The school rankings compare standardized test scores for grades 3 and 6, the gender gap in those test scores, along with other social demographics including the percentage of ESL students that makeup classrooms. Historically, Waterloo elementary schools have ranked higher than next door Kitchener and 2018 was no exception. The average ranking for Kitchener’s schools came in at 5.66 out of 10 while Waterloo was a full point higher at 6.74.

Educators have gone on record decrying the ranking. Test scores may not accurately reflect the overall learning outcomes a student experiences at a school. For more information on why the Fraser Institute rankings potentially do not provide an accurate analysis see this ARTICLE from the CBC. 

Benjamins Realty Inc. does not endorse or discourage parents and potential homeowners from taking into consideration these scorings. However, based on our anecdotal experience in the local market, families tend to prize real estate that is in a solid school district. Whether family planning is a part of your future or not, as a homeowner these ratings could effect perceived property value in your neighbourhood.

For the full list of Kitchener school rankings you can visit HERE

For the full list of Waterloo school rankings you can visit HERE

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