Downtown Kitchener

Downtown Kitchener // Neighbourhood Guide


It would be difficult to find an area of Kitchener-Waterloo with more amenities than Downtown. From pharmacies to banks to grocery stores and barbershops, this area has everything you need.

Family Life

Family life in the Downtown core couldn’t be better. With plenty of park space nearby and safe, wide sidewalks, it’s the perfect place to raise children.


With Charles Terminal connecting you to various cities, and the GRT and LRT connecting you to Kitchener-Waterloo, living in the heart of Kitchener makes travel simple.

Schooling & Childcare

There are numerous, premium schooling options for toddlers, children, and teens in Downtown Kitchener. You’ll have no issues finding one that meet your child’s specific needs.

Greenery & Parks

Ironically, Downtown might be the best place in Kitchener to experience the outdoors. With Victoria Park and Waterloo Park close by, you have quick access to over a hundred acres of park space.

Fitness & Recreation

In addition to the variety of parks, trails, and traditional gyms in the area, there are also many unique fitness locations in the area, meaning you’ll have no problem finding somewhere perfect for you.

Nearby Areas

Downtown is a short drive away from Uptown Waterloo which is bustling with cafes, bars, and restaurants. Also nearby is the Civic Centre which features Centre in the Square and the Kitchener Public Library.

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Downtown Kitchener is one of the oldest and the most developed neighbourhoods in the region. Its marriage between rich history and technology creates a unique and beautiful presence. It offers a plethora of sources that make it a great place to live. Thanks to the number of jobs and activities in the area, it’s also understandably the heart of Kitchener-Waterloo.

Kitchener City Hall is nestled in the center of the hub and hosts various events throughout the year. One of its major attractions materializes in the winter time. The courtyard in front of City Hall is transformed into a large skating rink where the community comes together to enjoy winter sporting. This area is also home to the Communitech accelerator building. There lives some of the biggest tech names in Ontario and is the reason that Kitchener is known as the tech hub of Canada or, as some refer to it, “Quantium Valley”.

Another perk to this area is that errands can be run easily. It has plenty of pharmacies, grocery stores, banks, hairdressers, (and more) all within walking distance. Downtown Kitchener also offers the Kitchener Market which hosts thousands of vendors and market visitors on an annual basis. This market also runs a wide variety of activities that are great entertainment for the whole family.

Family Life

Speaking of family, Downtown Kitchener is a great place to start one. It is a safe and bustling environment where boredom is not an issue.

You can find a wide variety of art classes, cooking classes and activities tailored for the kids, teens, or adults. Whether it’s the famous Oktoberfest, or one of the many exhibits at THEMUSEUM – there’s no shortage of great places to start creating lasting memories.

Looking for lush green space or a family picnic spot? The scenic Victoria Park is a short walk away. Known to many as Kitchener’s crown jewel; the park shares a mix of timeless history and modern features (just like its city). It’s a great space to relax under a tree or a stroll around its sparkling lake with your dog. The kids can also enjoy a free water park in the summer.

Downtown Kitchener has many great features for the family. Not only is there enough entertainment, but all of this entertainment is also easily accessible, thanks to the Kitchener-Waterloo transit systems.


The new ION LRT has three major stops that residents can access. They can be found at the Kitchener Market, Kitchener City Hall and the Central Station (in the Innovation District). This makes transportation a breeze as commuters can quickly hop aboard and access the other parts of the city from these convenient stops.

In addition to the LRT, Downtown Kitchener also runs the GRT bus system. It has numerous stops all around the Downtown area. This makes commuting to work and getting around easy. The GRT operates 70 bus routes in total, connecting the tricities. Notably, Charles Street Transit Terminal lives in the Downtown core. It is integrated into numerous city-wide bus routes, it is also where you can catch a ride on a GO bus or train to another city. This station serves as a major point of transfer when traveling.

If you’d prefer not to take public transit, there are wide bike lanes throughout Downtown Kitchener. The area is also heavily populated with taxis, making travel truly effortless.

Schooling & Childcare

There are many options available when it comes to schooling and childcare. Preschools like YWCA provide daily daycare for children 18 months and up. Like most things in Downtown Kitchener, it can be found close to where parents work, making for efficient trips and travel time.  

King Edward Public School is also located in the heart of Downtown Kitchener. It opened in 1885 and houses over 330 kids. Though it is downtown, it manages to feature two schoolyards adorned with basketball nets, a soccer field and even a wooded area that is perfect for children to play in.

When looking for a suitable high school, Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate & Vocational School is one of the largest in the area. More commonly known as “KCI”, students develop many important skill assets. Typical of a Downtown high school, their student body represents a broad range of ethnic and educational backgrounds. Every year approximately 1200 students are registered at KCI.

Regardless of what stage in their education your children are at, there are many great schools in the area to choose from.

Greenery & Parks

One major selling point of this area of Kitchener is Victoria Park. This park is not only picturesque and beautiful, but it also features a lot of fun attractions such as a splash pad for the kids, a pavilion, picnic shelters, winter rinks, and more. It’s the perfect place to entertain the entire family.

Kaufman Park is also in the heart of Downtown Kitchener, though smaller than Victoria Park, is a great place to get some fresh air and go for a jog or enjoy a picnic with the family.

Waterloo Park is also a few kilometers away and features over 100 acres of trails, sports fields, grassy areas, a petting zoo, a pond, and so much more.

Fitness & Recreation

The parks in the area are perfect for walking the dog, going for a jog or enjoying for a morning bike ride. They are vast spaces, ready to be explored. In addition to these lush parks; the area also has a number of gyms to choose from. Many of them specializing in different workout styles. Of course, there is always the GoodLife gym within the Kitchener Market Square, which overlooks the bustling downtown streets. With this prime location, it’s easy to fit in a quick workout on your way to, or from work.

Also in the neighbourhood are fitness facilities like Grand River Rocks, Personal Edge Training Inc., Big Bliss Hot Yoga, and more. Residents of the downtown region have plenty of options, regardless of how they prefer to stay active.

Nearby Neighbourhoods

Downtown Kitchener is only a short drive down King Street from Uptown Waterloo. This area is home to Waterloo City Square and a busy nightlife, with plenty of pubs, bars, and restaurants.

Uptown (though not as old) nearly mirrors Downtown in the sense that it is quickly becoming the home of new high rise apartment buildings and a plethora of businesses. It offers many similar features of Downtown Kitchener, though in a less busy, newer environment.

To the north of the downtown is the Civic Centre neighbourhood. This area hosts Centre in the Square, the largest and busiest performing arts center. Their state-of-the-art theatre is known as one of the finest performance spaces in North America.

Also located in the Civic Centre neighbourhood is the Kitchener Public Library which, in addition to being the best place in Kitchener to find a good read, hosts many programs and events, suitable for the whole family.

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