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Cash Offers Guaranteed: We Sell Your Home Fast

Posted by John Benjamins on October 27, 2016
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Sometimes, homeowners realize they may need to sell their home quickly. Without a proper plan in place, this can result in money being left on the table. It’s our goal to sell your home as quickly as possible and for the most amount of money, we’re experts at providing cash offers. Benjamins Realty Inc. is a local real estate brokerage established in Kitchener-Waterloo since 2001. We specialize in selling residential property.

Here’s how we do it

  • We can immediately eliminate the Seller’s carrying costs, including mortgage payments, utilities and taxes
  • We can provide the Seller a signing bonus for outstanding expenses
  • We can provide the Seller a guaranteed sale price
  • We will list and sell your home at a market rate

My house needs work, what can I do?

If your home requires improvements to achieve top market value don’t worry. Together, we can make a plan outlining which areas of the home to target for improvement. Once we have an agreed upon plan, Benjamins Realty Inc. will contract the renovations to take place and handle the cost. Both the Seller and Benjamins Realty will share in any increased profits as a result of the renovations. Contact us if you have questions about renovating your home before sale. Click here to see an example of a past Benjamins Realty renovation which substantially increased the sale price of a listing.

You might be wondering how we can offer such a good deal?

The housing market in Waterloo region is very strong and allows us to make reliable projections regarding the sale of property. Furthermore, each property is unique and in order to enter into a guaranteed sale agreement with Benjamins Realty Inc. both the Seller and our company will need to ensure due diligence.

  • the Seller will need a real estate lawyer to independently review our contract to ensure fairness and complete understanding of the process
  • Benjamins Realty will need a period of 10 days to be satisfied with the estimated costs associated with a guaranteed sale contract
  • Benjamins Realty will need to ensure that financing is available in order to accomplish the agreed upon objectives of the sale.

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