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A New Duplex: Phase 2 at 151 Wentworth

A New Duplex: Phase 2 at 151 Wentworth

In the late fall of 2017, Benjamins Realty’s Holding company acquired a rundown multi-family property at 151 Wentworth Avenue in Kitchener. On-site was a non-conforming duplex located on one side of a rather wide lot (69 ft. frontage). It was the property width in particular that caught our attention.

The process involved an initial analysis of the lot at the brokerage before we headed down to Kitchener’s City Hall Planning Division to make an inquiry on the potential for severance. City planner Andrew Pinnell indicated that there may be potential for severance if we had a shared driveway running up the middle of the property and built a second duplex right beside the existing building. We sketched out some site plans on the spot and determined a minor variance may be needed but that the overall feasibility of building a new duplex on the lot was quite high. We immediately entered into negotiations on the property and secured the purchase a few days later.

Before we were able to do anything, with a new build, we had to restore the existing non-conforming duplex on site which you can read about HERE.


151 Wentworth Avenue: Severance Lines

Infill and Severances: Pocket Developments Kitchener

Mark Benjamins (Partner and Associate Broker) has handled numerous severances over the years for our clients at Benjamins Realty. Having a familiarity with the process is key, as the applications are lengthy and require a number of conditions including a full site plan which we commissioned through an architectural technician. One the application was accepted, we had to appear before City Hall and request a minor variance for our application. The variance allowed for a shared driveway up the middle thereby placing an easement on the existing duplex, since it would be encroaching on a property we already owned and also allowed for a full setback from the neighbours’ property, our minor variance and severance was granted in short order along with 38 conditions that needed to be filled before we could begin construction.

The New Duplex To Break Ground Spring 2020

We are so excited to have filled the conditions for severance and are waiting for the registration of our new lot with the City. Once that has cleared we plan to break ground in April or May with a 3-4 month build-out. The new duplex will feature 9′ ceilings, and a two-bedroom unit on the main floor and a walkup two-bedroom unit on the second floor, each with their own balcony or porch. We plan to use modern finishes including large windows and transoms, quartz counters, luxury vinyl flooring and Hardie siding with large trim. Projected rent return will be $3000+ per month + utilities. Take a look at the design below.

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