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Duplex Properties Kitchener: The Buyer’s Guide

Apr 29, 2016
A duplex is essentially two separate and self contained dwelling units housed within a single residential structure. A ...
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Development Review: Victoria One Hundred

Apr 14, 2015
Momentum development is planning the largest condo site ever constructed in the downtown core of Kitchener. We recently ...
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LRT Construction 2015: Drone Footage

Nov 16, 2015
See unique footage of LRT Construction in Kitchener and Waterloo. This exciting infrastructure project is already well under ...
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Rustic fall scenery in the Kitchener-Waterloo region and beyond

Nov 13, 2015
Local blogger Julie Reitzel Cairns spent the month of October exploring the rustic fall scenery around the Kitchener-Waterloo ...
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Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate: Home sales October 2015

Nov 05, 2015
The Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate Association released their monthly residential sales report for the region. Two conflicting market movements ...
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How Savvy Investors From Toronto Turn A Profit On Developments In Waterloo (even before th...

Oct 29, 2015
Student migration towards luxury condo towers in the University District creates a unique market pressure. Students are not ...
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Development Review: ICON330

Oct 29, 2015
ICON330 is set to become one of the premier student housing developments in Waterloo region. ICON is Rise ...
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Major Highway Developments Coming To A City Near You

Sep 22, 2015
Considering the traffic delays created, there never seems to be a good time for road construction. Its an ...
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The Real Need For Duplex Apartments In Kitchener

Aug 27, 2015
It’s almost daily we see reports in the media about overheated real estate markets and the lack of ...
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How CMHC Just Made It Easier To Become A Landlord

Jul 30, 2015
Ever watch Income Property on HGTV and get a little envious of the fat rental cheques collected by ...
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3 Tips For Avoiding Disappointment In The Real Estate Market:

May 21, 2015
It is not uncommon to meet someone who has experienced disappointment when either trying to buy or sell property on the real estate market. The following 3 tips are for buyers and sellers alike. A few things to keep in ...
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Development Review: Victoria One Condominium

Mar 24, 2015
The innovation district in downtown Kitchener is undergoing rapid transformation. Not long ago the corner of King and ...
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