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John Vanderstoep comes to the Home and Property Team with Benjamins Realty Inc. possessing a passion for assisting others in sorting through significant life decisions.  Starting from a childhood family immersed in all aspects of the building industry, John has long loved homes – having done extensive renovations to homes he has owned – John would love to help you find or sell yours. His breadth of experience – from Business College to Leadership Development to Community Engagement – can be put to work for you.  A trained communicator, John will confidently and competently advocate for your advantage in negotiations.  Having owned homes in Halton, Waterloo, and Wellington, John is at home in a variety of communities in our region.

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SOLD: 14 Turret Crescent, Brampton

54 2,960 ft2
Open Houses Sat & Sun Dec 10th & 11th – 2-4pm.Spacious pie-shaped lot includes ...
Open Houses Sat & Sun Dec 10th & 11th – 2-4pm.Spacious pie-shaped lot includes a pool, shed, new fencing and ...
$ 919,000

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