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A Note From Our Founder:

Jake BenjaminsI’m very pleased to introduce you to Benjamins Realty Inc. We’re a boutique brokerage servicing the real estate market in Waterloo Region.

I’ve been marketing property in Kitchener-Waterloo for over 35 years. But it was always my dream to build a company that could be more responsive to client needs. In 2002, I founded Benjamins Realty Inc. It was my first step towards building a boutique brokerage where clients and consumers could speak directly with their Realtors. Today, my two sons Mark and John have joined as partners in this venture. Together we combine experience, technical savvy, and intimate knowledge of the local market. You’ll be hard- pressed to find a more dynamic skill set and we’re prepared to back it up.

Sincerely, Jake Benjamins, Founder

From Left:

John Benjamins – Partner & Sales Representative, Mark Benjamins – Partner & Sales Representative, Jake Benjamins – Partner & Broker of Record, Xanthe Erotokritou – Administrative Assistant

Why A Boutique Brokerage Is Better:


Real Estate transactions often unfold at a fast pace. The foundation of our business is service and accessibility. It’s why we list our direct lines publicly, so our clients and consumers can reach us when they need to.

When you deal with a trans-national corporate real estate firm, the importance of YOUR deal can get lost in the shuffle. Every member of OUR team, (administration included) thoroughly reviews your file so we can respond to market changes quickly and efficiently.

We’re purposefully smaller, we won’t sacrifice our customer experience for the sake of adding extra agents and phone lines.

Why We’re Passionate About Real Estate in Waterloo Region:

Jake Benjamins

In 35 years of working as a Realtor and Broker in Waterloo Region, I’ve never been more excited. Our region is establishing itself as one of the premier metropolitan areas not just in Ontario, but in Canada. Low unemployment, excellent schools, and progressive municipal leadership leading the way by implementing robust infrastructure development. It’s a recipe for success, not just for the real estate industry but for local home and property owners. My focus in this market is development, luxury homes, and listing residential housing.

Mark Benjamins

At the age of 19, I began my real estate career by purchasing my first investment property and achieving designation as a licensed Realtor. After six years of selling property locally, I’ve developed some unique skill sets which include an intuitive understanding of property investments, management, and technical maintenance. I’m always actively updating my knowledge of municipal zoning regulation. This region has a lot of value to offer homeowners and investors. I enjoy showing that value to my clients.

John Benjamins

In 2012, my wife Sarah and I decided the time was right. I sold my contracting business in the suburbs of Vancouver, and we relocated to Kitchener. Sarah and I were impressed with the regional plans for LRT, the revitalization of the downtown cores and the promising prospects for the local market. These were all contributing factors in my decision to join the family real estate business. It’s been an excellent choice. I love working closely with my family and our clients while directing the marketing operations for Benjamins Realty.

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Why Choose Benjamins realty inc?

At Benjamins realty inc we honestly take becoming a real estate agent quite earnestly. We all realize that truly any time clients are hunting to get an impressive realtor in Kitchener these people desire the ideal. Unendingly we all try to truly be the best real estate agent we all could be in Ontario. It's our resolve to truly being the best that has generated us such high admiration with each of our purchasers.

As an impressive realtor in Kitchener all of us in addition continuously try to make time to hear all our clienteles' concerns with patience and with absolutely no impatience. We all of course spend the time. We feel it is very crucial to be sure consumers feel truly appreciated and even taken care of.

There are not a lot of real estate agent who own the specific skill set combined with track record to brand theirselves as a mentor of their market. Merge this along with our high amount of customer service and truly we really feel we're the finest impressive realtor in Kitchener around Ontario.

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We'll be delighted to examine your current real estate agent needs in depth over the telephone or maybe by way of email in case that is best for you. Following this we will suggest the solution which best satisfies your conditions. Hear exactly why folks describe us as the very best impressive realtor in Kitchener!

Continue to Need Persuading? Different Reasons Why Benjamins realty inc is actually A Realtor In Kitchener

Commitment to Quality - A Realtor In Waterloo and A Real Estate Agent In Kitchener

Our loyalty to fine quality is exceedingly excessive. Should you be wanting to become an impressive realtor in Kitchener or an impressive realtor in Kitchener, there is certainly seriously no other choice but to do your personal best to shine. When a specified client will take more effort, we afford this valued customer further care. Almost anything to be confident they are very pleased with us all as a real estate agent. Keep in mind, we work in pretty much all of Ontario, and so you should call us today.

Willpower - A Real Estate Agent In Waterloo and A Real Estate Listing Service In Kitchener

Some purchasers have occasionally labeled our business as an impressive realtor in Kitchener, an impressive realtor in Kitchener, an impressive realtor in Kitchener and even the leading Ontario headquartered real estate agent you will find! Honestly that will not transpire without exceptionally diligent work as well as resolve for your foundational clientele and also the excellent quality within your work. In case you will be searching to find an impressive realtor in Kitchener, all of us certainly believe that we are sincerely the most effective selection. Simply call Benjamins realty inc to explore your situation immediately! (519) 575-9092.

Experience - A Real Estate Listing Service In Waterloo and An Impressive Realtor In Kitchener

In any specific industry, skill is usually a key component in relation to overall results. When you might be requiring an impressive realtor in Kitchener, well that is usually still more correct. Being a real estate agent, we can certainly explain to you categorically how the end outcome is certainly decided simply by the experience of the business you've been contracting. The enormously huge level of knowledge that Benjamins realty inc provides in being an impressive realtor in Kitchener, is undoubtedly just why an individual should rely on us for your invaluable critical needs. In case you are looking to get an impressive realtor in Kitchener, think of Benjamins realty inc. Ensure you speak to us immediately.

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